Jersey City Business: Blo Jersey City & UniK Wax Jersey City

Photo courtesy @blojerseycity on Instagram

Photo courtesy @blojerseycity on Instagram

I'm not great at keeping up with all the grooming that typically goes into being a girl. I'm good at the minimum, like I can make myself look presentable, but I've never been the girl with perfectly coifed hair or who is perfectly hairless all the time. This weeks featured businesses inspired me a bit though. Located right next to each other, Blo Jersey City and UniK Wax Jersey City are so close they actually share an entryway, and make the grooming process easy.

Blo JC is perfectly pink and white, clean and fun. There are products all over, a couple of hair washing sinks and a makeup counter. I think it's safe to say that most Hudson County women have been to a blow dry bar. We know that they only offer washing and styling (blow outs, up dos, and braids) and we know you can book group visits (whether a bachelorette/ bridal party or girls night). So what's different about Blo? Well, they also offer makeup services for starters. And they will go to your home for all of these services as well.

I get to sit down with Gigi, Chief Style Boss, and start the actual process, which starts with picking out a style. I never really know what to pick here so I just ask for lots of volume and a few curls, and Gigi points me towards the Hollywould. Then it's my favorite part fo the process: the wash and massage. After a thorough rinsing we head over to Gigi's chair where the blowout begins. Despite my long, thick hair, Gigi manages to finish the whole process in about 45 minutes, and it looks AMAZING. Convenience, peace of mind (not worrying about my hair for days) and speed. 

Photo courtesy @unikwaxstudios Instagram

Photo courtesy @unikwaxstudios Instagram

Next up we head right next door to UniK Wax. Again, we've all been to a version of these wax centers, and maybe even been to one of the older UniK Wax models. This revamp is particularly interesting, as I see so many improvements. Firstly, the actual visual image is different-- the colors and textures of the inside of the store reflect the all natural feel they're going for. The service menu is HUGE, and complete with diagrams so that whatever your need is, they have identified it and priced it. But my favorite part is that as soon as you walk into the Wax Center, there's a little room to the left called "The Lab". In this room, there's a person who measures, pours and heats the exact amount of wax needed for your service(s), to eliminate that pesky double dipping wax issue. 

As they usually do, my eyebrows need a little cleaning up, so I volunteer them as our tester. I'm taken in the back, past the lab and front desk, to an area where they have a vanity counter with three chairs. Such a great idea! Why need to go into a little room, if I'm having such a small, not private area waxed? The rooms are still very much alive and well for those having some more intimate body parts done. While getting ready for this part of our shoot, about 3 different people tell me about the wax and how it's "painless", elastic, and only hardens to the hair. They tell me the owners story about her daughter being allergic to wax and all the pain she went through, but wax is wax right? And I've been having my eyebrows waxed for years, so nothing can really phase me. One swipe of the wax and a pull, and I get it. It is different, and I guess you can really call it painless.

Blo Jersey City and UniK Wax Jersey are the perfectly placed one-two punch for a lot of the beauty services we all use pretty regularly. For more information on Blo Jersey City you can check out their website here and Instagram here. For UniK Wax Jersey City you can check out their Facebook page here and Instagram here. And don't forget you have until tomorrow, October 12th at noon to enter our giveaway where you can win 1 blowout at Blo and a $40 UniK gift certificate for the waxing services of your choosing!

Local Beauty: Sipps Organics

Welcome to our new “Locals Blog” feature, where Hudson County experts share their insight and expertise. Today we’re starting off with Kathleen Callahan, our Local Beauty expert.


Since becoming a licensed Esthetician a few years ago I’ve become obsessed with the ingredients that are in our skincare products. I’m always on the lookout for lines that offer botanicals and natural ingredients and are made in small batches, so I thought what better place to look than my local farmers market. I decided to take a walk over to the Riverview Park Farmer’s Market recently to see what I could find. My expectations were fairly low, as this particular farmer’s market is still relatively small, but I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon SIPPS Organic Skincare.

Sol, the creator and owner, was at her table with her mom (I love a family affair), and I struck up a conversation with her about her homemade, organic, natural skincare, as well as the journey that led her to this place. Three years ago Sol made a bold move and left her career in the Hedge Fund industry to pursue a different direction. As she told me, her priorities changed after losing her father and she was looking for something more fulfilling that gave her a sense of helping people. She had suffered from skin conditions the majority of her life and was constantly on steroids from her dermatologist. An avid researcher and lover of knowledge, she wanted to get the root of the problem and come up with a more natural solution-- SIPPs was born! All of her products are made in her kitchen right here in my hood (JC Heights). Sol is impressively knowledgeable about ingredients and I’d like to add that what she’s doing is working-- her skin is beautiful.


Her products include body butters that contain beeswax, a great natural moisturizer and has
been shown to help with skin conditions such as dermatitis. Her line also includes aroma rollers infused with lavender, a botanical water mist with rose, grapefruit seed extract (a great antioxidant) and geranium essential oil (I bought this product and am loving it so far). I also bought her facial serum/oil infused with rose and chamomile. Chamomile possess powerful skin properties including being anti-inflammatory and has been proven to help with eczema. Additionally, she has great body and hair oils that contain tea tree oil which is a wonderful ingredient for anyone suffering from thinning hair or dry scalp. Even though I would have been entirely happy with just going home with the few products that I bought, the best part was that Sol will custom make products for you! Of course as an Esthetician I was all ears! I’ve already requested a honey mask because I love all the wonderful effects that honey has on multiple skin concerns, including acne, dry and mature skin.

If you are looking for some real quality (and surprisingly affordable) natural skin and haircare
products that are locally produced, head over to SIPPs Instagram here or the website here. If you have questions about your skin or any skincare related concerns or just want to book an appointment for a custom facial follow me here. I’m pretty confident that I’ll be using many of her products in my upcoming facials!

Kathleen Callahan is a NJ native, having left New Jersey to attend college at the University of North Carolina where she obtained her bachelors in Communications. She now resides in the heights section of Jersey City. After spending a twenty year career in the Ad Tech industry working in NYC, Kathleen decided to follow her true passion, skincare. She attended Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics and obtained her Esthetics License. After working at several spas in NYC including Deify Beauty, Laser Lounge and Massage Envy she decided to start her own practice in New Jersey where she could focus on a more personal touch catering to her clients’ specific needs and preferences.

You can reach Kathleen through her Instagram or Facebook.