HudsonCounty60 is an Instagram show and blog that features local businesses and highlights what's going on in our community. The show and accompanying blog make for a unique opportunity for your brand to be seen across multiple platforms. My passions include: family, food and drink, community, entertaining, Instagram, and all things beauty and fashion. I'm always looking for ways to incorporate new brands and products into the show, my Instagram account and blog, and I'd love to work with yours.

Here are a few ideas on how we can work together:

The main event! This is why the show and blog even exist. HudsonCounty60 wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. If you're a local Hudson County business that would like to be featured give a shout!

Featured local business

Along with HudsonCounty60 I have a background as an Actor and Host, and would love to host your video, event or other content. 


Fashion & beauty

I'm passionate about clothing, hair, skincare, and makeup and am always looking for a great fashion and beauty sponsorship! We can cover glam in Instagram Stories and right here on this blog, with all the appropriate links to your website and social media. If you're a local, Hudson County business, I'd love to feature your beauty business on the show to make sure all eyes are on you!

I love to find brands, local or otherwise, that share the same passions as me, be it community, food, family or beauty. I would love to chat about any ambassador programs your brand has!

brand ambassador

If you're looking for exposure for your product Iā€™d love to try it out and incorporate it onto my blog and/or Instagram. I love spreading the word about a product I feel passionately about, and am excited to teach people about something new!



The same experienced team that brings you episodes of HudsonCounty60 is available to produce, shoot, edit and package your video content. We can use our expertise to bring your idea or concept to life for whatever medium you may need.

Please contact to discuss how we can work together!