Jersey City Business: Little Batch Candle Company


People are NUTS about candles. I've been known to spend a little too much time in the candle isle at Target (they're cheap, smell good, in pretty containers, and don't usually say a name brand all over them), but I've generally always considered nice candles (i.e: not Glade or Ikea) to be a luxury item. Then there are other people, like Andrew Kreup, who realized that he was spending far too much money on candles and decided to start making them himself. 

Enter Little Batch Candle Company. One day Andrew decided to buy a candle making kit and it's grown from there. Andrew's handmade, soy wax candles come in over 20 amazing scents. And absolutly true story, his candles smell so fantastic that the HudsonCounty60 Director, SanMartin Garcia, became one of those crazy candle people overnight.

Going into this shoot I thought this was going to be child's play-- melt some wax pour it in, add a dash of this and a spritz of that, and voila! No, no, no, my friends. There is actual MATH that goes into making candles that don't just combust in your face because of too much fragrance. Wax needs to be the right temperature, things are weighed, the stars must align. And this is all proprietary information, in that each candle maker has their own temperatures, weights, etc. that make their candles their specific formula. Plus, let's not forget the whole part where you have to get the scent formula correct.


What I personally find most fascinating about Andrew and Little Batch is that this is his “money job”. As an artist in any capacity— writer, singer, actor, dancer, host, director, etc.— generally has to have a second job to make ends meet. I personally have done everything from waiting tables, bartending, temping etc., as has pretty much every actor under the son, but Andrew, a stage performer, was tired of that. He found a way to make this whole other side job, that he also really enjoys, and turn that into his money job. He doesn’t have to report to anyone except himself and he makes his own hours. Maybe it’s because of my personal experiences, but I really admire his gumption and success. 

With clean lines and a simple aesthetic, Little Batch Candles are really pretty in any room in your home, and the scents really help complete the rooms feel. They’re the perfect holiday gift for friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else on your gift list! To learn more about Little Batch Candle Company check them out on Instagram here, the website here or even better, buy them here!