Jersey City Business: ChicpeaJC

Photo by Greg Pallante and taken from @chicpeajc

Photo by Greg Pallante and taken from @chicpeajc

I think it’s safe to assume that if you’re a Jersey City resident, you know who ChicpeaJC is. I’d even venture to say her reach extends to a lot of Hudson County residents . But I really wanted to meet Lynn Hazan, the face (and a lot of the time, body) behind Chicpea. 

I send her a DM on Instagram introducing myself, HudsonCounty60 and my pitch: ChicpeaJC’s top 3 Jersey City businesses she would bring out of town guests to. I really didn’t think I would hear back— I’m sure I only get a small portion of the DMs she gets, and I still get a lot. But by the end of the day she responds. We pick a day to shoot, her three businesses, and we’re off.


When I walk in to our first location, The Hair Room JC, there she is with her laptop, and three iPhones. She says this is her usual MO and she wanted to give us a glimpse of her real life. And it makes sense. Not only does she run ChicpeaJC, but she throws huge events (like the upcoming Terminal of Terror), runs the nonprofit Content Creators Academy, and has an entire additional side business where she does the marketing/social media for other businesses - while also finding time to workout and raise a daughter. 

Let’s talk about The Hair Room for a second. I can’t get over how cute it is! It’s like walking into a salon from the 50’s. Every station is a vintage vanity, there are pink rotary phones and a bathroom lined with vintage hair dye boxes and makeup. Lauren and Amber, the women in the shop that day, are equally as lovely and nice, not to mention Amber is done with Lynn’s hair in record time.


We move on to lunch at Uncle Momo’s. Uncle Momo's is a Lebanese French Bistro on Grove Street, and Lynn swears by it. The interior is typically French, and the kind of bistro I fantasize about having a nice glass of wine at, on a perfect fall afternoon. The food is the kind of Mediterranean food I've always loved-- hummus, falafel, schwarma, kofta, etc. Everything is absolutely delicious and tastes fresh. Lynn calls it the most underrated restaurant in Jersey City, and I couldn’t agree more. 

I ask her about Content Creators Academy, or CCA.JC, her nonprofit youth mentorship program that aims to teach kids the skills they need to market themselves and their entrepreneurial pursuits in this digital era. The program teaches students skills like photography and editing, building a brand, video editing and creating content. The organization brings in mentors from different fields for the students to talk to and learn from. This is exactly the kind of program I wish was around when I was younger. Did I mention it's entirely free for the kids?

Photo taken from @chicpeajc

Photo taken from @chicpeajc

Lastly we move on to Another Man's Treasure Vintage, a business I consider to be a part of the #HudCo60Fam, and one of Lynn's favorite places to shop in Jersey City. AMT Vintage has made a name for themselves as a vintage authority, and every single piece shows you why-- they have items dating back to the 1920's and it's all beautifully curated. She and Meika, the owner, are clearly very well acquainted-- as soon as we walk in Meika pulls out some pieces she's been holding for Lynn, including a body skimming gold dress, reminiscent of a 90's runway look. This was absolutely my favorite part of the day, if not for anything else other than Lynn's clear enthusiasm for fashion, something her followers are well aware of. She comes alive in the store in a way she hadn't all day. It felt for a moment that we were really hanging out and I was digging it. 

My day with Lynn was inspirational, educational and illuminating. It gave me something to aspire to with my own business and platform, and showed me that the work never stops, the rewards to reap do get better. If you're not already following Lynn check out her blog here, and her Instagram here. Also don't forget the wonderful businesses we checked out below.

And don't forget, Spooky Terminal and Terminal of Terror are coming up October 27th. Tickets are available here.

Till next time friends!

The Hair Room JC: Website, Instagram

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Jersey City Business: Another Man's Treasure Vintage

My day at AMT Vintage was basically a fashion fantasy. I think it may be as close to that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie gets to try on clothes in the Vogue closest as I'll ever get. A staple in Jersey City for 12 years, and having been at 2 previous locations, AMT Vintage is one of the best known Jersey City businesses. It's no wonder why, either. Owner Meika Franz has spent years making relationships with collections, owners and attends vintage trade shows regularly. 


The store is a huge 2 story space, that's beautifully organized, making finding the perfect vintage piece easy. They sell mens, womens and children's clothing, along with records and accessories (cufflinks, glasses, patches, scarves, cigarette holders, etc.). There are Victorian lace dresses, 1940's gowns, 1950's rompers, leather bombers, and even 1990's Levi's. 

When you meet Meika, a woman who's whole life is about vintage clothing, I expect to meet a cheeky, Bette Page pinup looking vintage aficionado. Instead, it's clear that she wears vintage, but in a classic and everyday way. I immediately knew that I was going to the right person to learn how to incorporate vintage into my everyday look. I myself, have been wearing vintage t-shirts for years, and also went through a phase in high school where I wore a lot of 50's cocktail dresses. But I wanted to expand my horizons. I tried on a gorgeous 1980's silk Chanel blouse, a pair of high waisted Chloe slacks, and a men's Hawaiian print button-down-- all things I would HAPPILY wear in my everyday life.


But for our next episode I really lived my dreams. With Meika's help, we pulled all kinds of fashion fantasies. The kinds of pieces that make you wish you lived in certain time periods. I tried on a pristine The Who t-shirt, a red 1960's cocktail dress that may have been made for me, and a 1950's prom dress. But the piece that has long been a dream was an ivory robe with feather trim-- a piece I have long fantasized about wearing as an older woman living in a 1930's Manhattan penthouse, with lots of perfectly groomed poodles, all sitting with me on a velvet chaise lounge, as I eat bon-bons and drink vodka martinis. Too specifc?

AMT Vintage has pieces for whatever you're looking for. They'll have whatever you need for a costume party, an AMAZING selection of vintage wedding dresses for the bride looking for something a little different, but don't forget all the amazing pieces you can wear everyday!

Make sure to follow along with their Instagram, as they post new pieces weekly. Plus they's offering 10% off of purchases for HudsonCounty60 viewers.

Happy shopping!