Hoboken Business: Engle & Völkers Hoboken x Dino & Harry's Steakhouse


WARNING: I love steak. I really do. Steak in my opinion, like a good cup of coffee or a nice bourbon - needs nothing, you should just be able to enjoy it as is. But I have never been to Dino & Harry’s Steakhouse. Ever. Growing up in Hoboken, I’m very familiar with what an institution it is. I even remember past incarnations of the Steakhouse. But somehow I’ve just never been. So when Jane Estes, owner of Engle & Völkers Hoboken pitched the feature idea, I was into it. SanMartin and I head to E&V offices and I’m ready for steak. I’m dying to find out if it’s as great as everyone says. 


The Engle & Völkers office is beautiful and shiny and new. We head out the backyard space where Dino himself and Sharon, who handles marketing for D&H and is also a realtor at E&V, are getting the grill going. There are two beautifully fat 32 ounce porterhouse steaks getting the D&S house seasoning treatment and then thrown onto the grill. 

The time has finally arrived - they’re done cooking, Dino has cut into them and we’re about to chow down. The steaks are cooked perfectly, in little time and are the kind of meat that melts on your tongue. I add some D&H steak sauce because it’s their signature sauce and I feel I need the whole experience. While the sauce is good, the steak doesn’t need it. Its absolutely delicious. When Sharon and I sit down for our interview we talk about the best meal to order, the history of the establishment and the fact the steaks are now available to order online to cook at home. Just in case you were wondering what the best meal is, Sharon says steak with mashed potatoes and creamed spinach with one of the bottles of wine off their insane wine list, but that’s met with some conflict as Jane says the lamb chops are the most amazing thing. I think you can’t go wrong with either choice.

Don’t sleep on these little cuties by @sweet.deliciousness

Don’t sleep on these little cuties by @sweet.deliciousness

Next I sit down with Jane to talk about Engle & Völkers. A long time resident of Hudson County (and my neighbor for almost 20 years), I ask her why she thought to bring an E&V to Hoboken, to which she explains that with so many people moving over from the city, Hudson County is truly the 6th borough with many people looking for luxury homes. E&V is known as a luxury lifestyle agency, and Hudson County is rapidly moving that direction. We also discuss their annual Cystic Fibrosis Halloween Gala in honor of her late business partner Nick Constantino which is catered by 10 businesses including, you guessed it, Dino and Harry’s. 

My time at Engle & Völkers was so lovely, we had amazing food and ended the way I like all hectic days to end— with a nice glass of wine outside. I can’t wait to get the full Dino’s experience and get to-go steaks perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve at my house. And don’t worry SanMartin, I think I found where we’re having our own little Holiday Party!

For more information on Dino & Harry’s Steakhouse, check out their website here and their Instagram here, as well as Engle & Völkers Hoboken here and here