Hoboken Business: Little Hoboken


As someone who spent their formative, teenage years in Hoboken, I can tell you all the old neighborhood staples; the best park to hang out in with your friends and cute boys on Saturday Nights (Sinatra), all the bodegas that didn't I.d. (there were too many to name), and the fact that there was a C-Town in Hoboken at one point. Had you asked me as recently as a year ago what restaurants are stroller friendly and where are the best coffee shops with a changing table, I would've looked at you completely confused and said "I don't know". Enter Little Hoboken, the go-to resource for local families. 

I'd venture to say if you're a local Hoboken family you've already heard of Little Hoboken, but if you haven't, well allow me to show you the way! Made up of Melissa Wise and Cassie Mascari, Little Hoboken was started after Melissa was mommy-shamed on Facebook, and went to a message board to find someone to work with on her concept. When you meet Melissa and Cassie, it's hard to believe that they're not old friends who happened to have kids at the same time, but rather two women who started working together on a project 2 years ago, that has amassed them over 7K followers on Instagram. 

Photo by Cassie Mascari of Little Hoboken Photography

Photo by Cassie Mascari of Little Hoboken Photography

Little Hoboken isn't just a blog either. Sure, there are your general blog posts (centered on local moms, local happenings, businesses, etc.), but there's so much more. They have their "Little Lists", which conveniently list places for whatever you're looking for like stroller-friendly restaurants, restaurants with kids meals, gyms with childcare, mental health specialists and even day trips. They plan events for the family (and quite a few just for mom), like Halloween and Super Bowl parties. There's also Little Hoboken Photography, headed by Cassie, after their constant need for a photographer for the blog lead her to buy a camera and discover a love for photography... and she's really great at it, too. But perhaps the most useful feature for your daily life is the LH Hook Up card-- a little key fob that gets you exclusive discounts at over 200 locations in Hoboken and Jersey City, and only costs $25 for the year!

So it's no surprise that when Melissa and I talked about doing a Mom's Day I jumped on the opportunity to learn about Hoboken as a family town from the experts. She had a plan-- we would check out her favorite coffee place, take the kids to an indoor gym to let out some energy, stop for a cookie and then get some wine, the ULTIMATE Mom necessity. All the places would be Little Hoboken approved, and on the Hook Up card to take advantage of that discount.


We started at Gold Roast Cafe, located at 600 Harrison Street. An Aussie cafe where we all started with some coffee, and delicious breakfast treats. It's a regular stop for both ladies, as it's a great place to get some work done. This is the first time I meet the ladies in person, so we chat and get to know each other. LH Hook Up Discount: 15% off of food and drink.

Next stop is Urban Jungle Play, at 1140 Maxwell Ln. It's an indoor play space for the kids. Between my 11 month old and their 3 year olds, this place is an absolute God sent. It has so much space to run and play and throw-- you know, all those things kids want to do at home but they can't because it's not safe. We continue chatting. Now I'm learning the art of distracting your child and getting them to cooperate to the best of your ability. LH Hook Up Discount: 12% Off Regularly Priced Services.

Now it's time for cookies, and duhhhhhhh, more coffee-- I need all the caffeine I can get to get through almost everyday. We head to Hoboken (and JC) staple Choc-O-Pain. Have you had their croissants and lattes? Those things got me through my pregnancy. The new Tea Building location, at 1500 Hudson St, conveniently has a little play room. Just another place for the us to chat while the kids are distracted. At this point I'm just taking in as much mom wisdom as I can absorb!  LH Hook Up Discount: 50% off Drinks with Purchase of Food. Monday-Friday 2:00-4:00 PM.

Lastly, it's time for Momma's juice so we head to Cork, at 1450 Washington St. It's time to stock up for the night. My heart breaks for pregnant Cassie, but I guess not enough to NOT buy myself some canned Rose I've been eyeing. Unsurprisingly, this is the only stop on our Mom Day that I have been to before (a bunch of times), and I'm well acquainted with their wine and beer selection. At least Melissa picked up some goodies, too! LH Hook Up Discount: 20% off wine purchases.

I had a great day with the ladies, and felt like I made some mom friends that I actually really liked (which in and of itself is huge accomplishment). I learned a ton from the Cassie and Melissa in person, and continue to soak in their expertise by constantly referring to the blog. Make sure you're following along with their Instagram, and don't forget that we've partnered together to giveaway a Hook Up card, 1 Retail Bag of Coffee Beans & 1 Full Aussie Morning Breakfast from Gold Roast Cafe, a gift certificate for 2 Discovery Workshop class passes (9m-9y) and 1 Open Play pass (5m-6y) from Urban Jungle Play, and  a gift certificate for 1 large tarte or chocolate heaven cake from Choc-O-Pain! Make sure you're following along with the HudsonCounty60 Instagram too!