Hoboken Business: Margo


I’ve been waiting for a store like Margo to open in Hoboken for YEARSSSS. It’s the kind of beautiful little shop you’d find in Brooklyn or the Village, and wish was accessible in your own neighborhood. It’s tiny, beautiful, perfectly curated, and looks like it's owned by that Instagram Influencer whose style you love so much you want it to be your everyday life-- the visual image you aspire to have. However, in this instance -- lucky you -- you actually can make it a part of your life.

Owner Maggie Emma opened up the “lifestyle concept store” just a couple of months ago. With a background in fashion and interior design, Maggie wanted her boutique to sell “handmade and ethically made goods” to aid in moving the industry towards slow fashion. And it does just that. You won't see anything for sale in the shop that isn't made by artists. 

There are hand poured candles by Candlefolk in Jersey City, Berlin Skin, a small batch skin care line from San Diego, beautifully handmade pottery from We Are Clay Studios in Oak Ridge, NJ, and the list goes on. Every product is made ethically or by hand, meaning that every hand that touched the product did so while being paid a fair wage, and the clothes won't be thrown away to sit in a landfill, which just makes the store even more beautiful.


Fitting in everything from plants, to skincare, to housewares, to clothing and accessories, it’s incredible what Maggie fits into this small space. Her expertise clearly shows. She says that shopping is shifting towards being an "experience" for the customer, which is exactly what being in Margo is like. You feel something visceral when you're in there. 

Making the shopping experience even more about the customer, Margo is closed to walk-ins on Mondays, instead keeping the day for personal shopping appointments. Whether you need some assistance with your Holiday Shopping (you can even start an in-store wishlist), aspire to have a home that reflects the Margo aesthetic, or you find that buying your clothes in outfits is easier, Maggie reserves 1 hour slots throughout the day for the complimentary sessions. 

Make sure to check the shop out at 1102 Washington Street, as well as the website here and the Instagram here.