Union City Business: By Andrew Coslow


The Yardley building has long been a staple in Union City, NJ. Constructed in 1916, the building used to be the headquarters for Yardley Soap, but is now the home to companies using the space for industrial uses and artists. One of those artists is Andrew Coslow, a NJ native and current Hoboken resident. He's created a shop, By Andrew Coslow, where he designs furniture and builds out pieces for businesses. 

His shop is filled with every kind of building machinery that a person who doesn't know how to work a drill (me) would be intimidated by. There are machines that laser cut, saw, sand, and all that other furniture-buildy stuff. He had been building furniture for years in his own bedroom, but in 2013 he moved to Yardley, to have the space to start designing more and building out retail spaces, restaurants and the like.  His resume is impressive and includes MOMA, Pop Physique, REI, Kiehls, Hoboken's Cork Wine and Spirits, and the list goes on.


What I find most notable about Andrew and his shop is the emphasis on F-U-N. His dog Winston, and his roommates dog Bea, run free and play around the 3,000 square foot space and outdoor area with an amazing view of Hoboken and NYC. There're surfboards hanging from the ceiling, a rock climbing wall and ax throwing targets. Somehow, despite all the distractions we find a way to JUST build a table. In a four hour period we actually built a table from beginning to end! I know, I can't believe it either, considering it took me four hours to build my Ikea dining room table. It was a process that was initially scary to me, but encouraged me to move past it in order to use wood saws, metal saws, wield metal, sand, etc. With Andrew's expertise and guidance, I almost felt like making a table was, dare I say, easy.

Also a model (just Google him), he began telling people in the industry he was working with that he had this whole other skill set. In fact, while in his shop he showed me some coffee tables he was making for model, Martha Hunt. His clean, minimalist designs are well constructed, durable and beautiful. His pieces span from slatted beds, credenzas, and desks, to ping pong tables, skateboards and dog beds. Don't worry, Andrew, I'm coming for a ping pong table eventually.

All together I had a ton of fun with Andrew, learned some new things about myself, and somehow felt inspired to model our openings after Jackass. I'd say that's a successful day!

Make sure you're following along with Andrew on his websiteand Instagram. And make sure to stay tuned to HudsonCounty60this week, because you may have a chance to win the actual table we made!