Jersey City Business: The Cliff


The Cliff in Jersey City Heights, is my favorite neighborhood restaurant. Not only is it everything I want from a restaurant aesthetically (I think the youths call it "Instagramable"), but the food is fresh, flavorful and healthy. You won't find any meat on the restaurants menu, and you can taste the clean simplicity in every bite. The shelves inside are stocked with perfectly curated local products, like Parabotanica skincare products, Oh Honey honey, and Silly Chilly Hot Sauce. The Cliff overall is exactly the kind of business that inspired me to start HudsonCounty60, so needless to say it was one of the very first businesses I reached out to.


Eva and her husband Gary, own the restaurant which they opened a little over a year ago. It's a beautiful, small space that is full almost every time I'm there. It's no wonder why it's a neighborhood staple either-- talk to anyone in Jersey City/Hoboken and they all say, "Oh! I LOVE The Cliff". In our first episode, Eva taught me how to make the best biscuits I've ever had (no joke). The biscuits are offered on their Grab and Go breakfast menu-- a small selection of items for commuters catching the bus a half block away on Palisades Avenue, or the Light Rail a block away. The flaky crust sandwiches fluffy eggs and mozzarella cheese, and is perfection in every bite. Pair it with their locally roasted, house blend coffee, and it's the breakfast of champions.


New to the restaurant is their Dinner and a Movie night every Thursday in July, and select nights in August. The menu features a lobster roll, a selection of perfectly made seasonal vegetables and their Watermelon, Feta and Mint Salad. In our second video, Eva teaches me how to make the salad that is so clean but doesn't lack an ounce of flavor. It's the kind of dish that you eat and wonder why you can't make it every day, but when you try it's just not the same. 

Everything about The Cliff, the menu and Eva seems like that perfectly curated Instagram page that you follow and think to yourself, "how do I make my life so perfectly beautiful like that?". And if you're wondering, yes, they make Avocado Toast and IT. IS. AMAZING. Plus, did I mention the restaurant is B.Y.O.B.? For a limited time, HudCo60 followers can stop into The Cliff for the Grab and Go breakfast and get a free cup of coffee!

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Casey2Cook's Italian Menu

Today we're back visiting my new friend, Casey Repetti, Hoboken Native, Personal Chef, Caterer and the woman behind Casey2Cook. Not only did she KILL IT with her Welcome Platter (#theplatterwhisperer), but she's upped her game by bringing a FULL ITALIAN FEAST!! 

Not only did she show me how to make these simplistically perfect Black Pepper Crackers with Goat Cheese, Proscuitto and Kiwi, but she brought her Five Star Meatballs, Cilantro Marsala Smothered Chicken (which I believe I could eat every day for the rest of my life), and Bucatini with Spoon Lickin' Red Sauce along for the ride. 

Let's talk about this cracker with goat cheese, prosciutto and kiwi, shall we? If you're looking for an easy appetizer that will wow your guests with its perfect combination of bright, creamy, sweet and smokey flavors and textures, then I URGE you to give these bad boys a try. 



1 package Carr's Black Pepper Crackers
1 package Goat Cheese
Kiwi cut into small wedges
1 bottle White Balsamic Reduction

  1. Smear goat cheese onto cracker.

  2. Place slice of prosciutto off center on the cracker.

  3. Place kiwi wedge on top.

  4. Drizzle lightly with White Balsamic Reduction.


For the recipes for Casey's Five Star Meatballs, Cilantro Marsala Smothered Chicken Thighs, and Bucattini with her Spoon Lickin' Red Sauce, click on the links or check out her blog!

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