Hoboken Business: The Law of Donutgineering


Full disclosure, I had never had a Law of Donutgineering donut, but I thought, "it's a donut. It can't be bad". Talking to Eddie and Flavia, the engineer and lawyer, and real life couple who own The LoDG, about what kind of donuts we would make on the show, I started to get really excited. They started saying words like "cajun" and "fried chicken" and "maple glaze" and "Reeses", so I was pretty into it.

Made completely out of a commercial kitchen facility in Hoboken, there's no storefront for The LoDG. They're primarily a delivery service at the moment, but also sold at Parker Cafe in West New York and Roost in Hoboken on select days, as well as Jefferson Coffee in Hoboken and 9bar Cafe in Jersey City on weekends. 

Having traveled around the country and loving the specialty donuts they were finding, they realized there was a lack of great donuts in the Hudson County area. And who better to change that? They started The LoDG and began developing amazing donut recipes, taking influence from the donuts they encountered on their travels, as well as their own Cuban and Argentine cultures. Current flavors include Deez Nuts & Jelly (a peanut butter filled donut with a jelly glaze), the El Basero (a guava cake donut with a cream cheese filled yeast donut hole in the middle, topped with guava glaze and a little cream cheese icing), the El Guachito (a yeast donut filled with dulce de leche and pineapple, topped with more dulce de leche and pineapple bits), the I’M BLUE-BERRY-DEE-BA-DAA (a blueberry cake donut), the Nuts for Chocolate (a chocolate cake donut topped with milk chocolate frosting, crushed peanuts and drizzled white chocolate), the Platanough (a yeast donut with a plantain filling, dipped in cinnamon sugar glaze), and The Pig N' the Fig (a cheesecake stuffed donut hole, covered in figs and caramelized bacon).


All those flavors sound amazing, but what we made together was THE BEST. First we made the Lil' Chickie, a donut hole sized version of The Sweet and Foul. It's a piece of cajun buttermilk fried chicken inside a donut, covered with maple glaze. Every step of the process made SanMartin (Director and cameraman extraordinaire) and I salivate. The chicken alone had us stealing pieces in between takes. But all the different ingredients come together to make a perfect, delicious bite. Next we made a donut specially named after our show. Hold on. Did you hear me? THEY NAMED IT AFTER OUR SHOW, which is basically the coolest thing ever. The Straight out of HudCo is a red velvet cake donut covered with cream cheese frosting and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and KitKat pieces on top (those are my favorites btw, and I have a birthday coming up... wink). The cake part of this donut alone is delicious-- it's shaped by hand and then deep fried, so like...OMG.

To learn more about The Law of Donutgineering, and to place an order (don't f**k this up guys) check out their website here. Now go get your fat kid on!