Hoboken Business: Casey2Cook

Meeting Casey Repetti is a breath of fresh air. It's like meeting a long lost Hoboken sister, as she's a born and bred Hoboken girl, who's lineage goes WAY back. She can tell you where to get the best of anything in town, and frankly you rarely meet a native around here anymore. Speaking as someone who pretty much grew up in town (6th-12th grade counts IMHO), she should've been someone I went to school with, and would've likely stayed in touch with. We bonded over Italian delis, local restaurants, the best pizza, and let's be honest, she could've called my baby ugly and I'd still would love her because she cooked for me, and she cooked WELL.

Along with being a realtor and a mama, Casey is a personal chef who's been featured on ABC's, The Chew several times, and WON Food Network's, Cooks vs Cons (Season 4, Episode 11), so needless to say, SHE IS QUALIFIED. Can you say #momboss? 

You may be saying, isn't a personal chef a luxury that only celebrities can afford? Well, not necessarily. Let's say you're planning a girls night out. You'd be paying for transportation to and from, a likely pricey meal, alcohol (which if you're doing it right, it's at least half of the bill) and likely more drinks wherever you go after, plus you have to deal with other people and the possibility that you'll be disappointed that you paid for a lackluster meal. Hiring a personal chef means it's all happening in your home, the food is catered to your needs/likes and dislikes, and everything is left clean for you.

When she shows up at your house not only does she bring ALL of the food needed for the event, but she also walks in with a Welcome Platter so phenomenal it's earned her the title of #ThePlatterWhisperer. Seriously, look up the hashtag on Instagram! In our first episode, Casey teaches me how to build the platter of my dream. Are you seeing the cheese?! The fruit?! The nuts?! The Pearls Olives?! The MEAT!!!


This platter made me and my belly so incredibly happy that I actually asked Casey to marry me. While she's mulling it over make sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook, plus check out her Blog with her recipes. 

Check back on our HudsonCounty60 Instagram later this week for more videos with Casey, and back here on this very blog for the recipes you'll be seeing!