Local Expert: Holiday Sounds


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Christmas songs are here to stay. Even though shrinking radio playlists make the same 15 or so songs seem inescapable over the holiday season, and we can’t help but roll our eyes at the opening notes of that ridiculous Paul McCartney track — we are the reason Christmas songs will never die. We are drawn to the spirit of the season, and each song brings us back to the warm memories of holidays past. The best thing we can do to combat the repetition is to find the good stuff. We’ve put together the perfect holiday playlist of songs that unequivocally do. not. suck. From buried treasures to by artists we thought we knew so well, to timeless classics that hit the mark, this playlist has got you covered until the tree comes down.

Matthew Hearon-Smith is a Union City based Music Supervisor currently working on Film, TV and Ads. He is a three-time Guild of Music Supervisors Awards nominee, a Hollywood Music In Media Awards nominee and winner of "Best Use of Music in a Film" at the 22nd Chlotrudis Awards. His specialties include music curation, licensing and clearances, creative placement and deliverables management.

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